Hello! Welcome to The Untamed. My name is Courtney and I am the mother of three amazing children. I love nature, traveling and beautiful things. Raising my children has been the best ride. They have taught me so much about myself and human behavior. As I nurture these incredible little people, I aim to respect every aspect of who they are, and to wander a road of learning together. I want this respect to smash through barriers society often puts in place and infiltrate the realms of neurodiversity, bodily autonomy and education. We are unschoolers if you like labels.

My husband and I are originally from Australia, but shortly after the birth of our first child, we set off into the sunset. Our family has lived on four continents and traveled to some spectacular places. We have settled for now in Toronto, Canada.

I look forward to sharing a bit of what we learn along the way, the missteps and the wins. Hopefully our story can inspire other families to grow free and wild. So join me for the adventure!

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